Distributors of Psychometric Assessments for the UK and Ireland

Education Research Centre, Drumcondra (ERC)

Materials:              DAT’s for Guidance available to qualified BPS certificate holders at reasonable prices

Web:                      www.erc.ie                                            To Order:              E mail-    info@erc.ie



Materials:              “Good value range of assessments for most purposes”

Level A and B assessments available to qualified BPS certificate holders

Level B assessments include Jung Type Indicator and 15FQ+

Web:                      www.psytech.com                               To order:               E mail-    info@psytech.com



Materials:              “Bureau support service available for creating Job- Person matches using Prevue Tool”

Web:                      www.aqr.co.uk                                     To order :              E mail- declan@pathway.ie


SHL/ Previsor (incorporating ASE)

Materials:              “Relatively expensive corporate platform for Level A and Level B assessments including OPQ”

NOTE: Access to OPQ (Level B) requires proprietary training

Web :                     www.shl.com/uk                                  To order :              E mail- UKCustomerSuccess@shl.com



Materials:              “Providers of the original MBTI and 16PF although proprietary training is required to order direct from the publisher”

Web:                      www.opp.eu.com                                 To order :              E mail- enquiry@opp.com


Thomas International

Materials:              “Providers of the Thomas International DISC classification of Types and wider corporate assessment solutions”

Web:                      www.thomasinternational.net           To order :              E mail- info@thomas.ie



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