On Line and Controlled Administration

On line testing does not remove the need for quality assurance in administration. While timing and coverage of examples should be consistent there will be new challenges and new potential sources of error including:

–          Communicating

  • Providing a rationale for the assessment,
  • Identifying special needs (language and dexterity issues
  • Ensuring you have their consent/ buy in for how you intend to use their assessment results.

–          Equipment (internet access requirements),

–          Environmental distractions

–          Risks of faking or collusion

The letter of introduction (below) provides a model for how we might address some of the these  challenges in briefing candidates. It is prepared for a candidate being invited to a numerical ability test for a sales role. The administration session is controlled (note the requirement for a unique username and password to access the assessment) but does not offer the same protection from collusion or faking (someone else could be doing the test) as a supervised assessment. Organisation frequently use controlled mode for screening with the proviso to undertake a supervised assessment at a later stage of the process where the candidate undertaking the assessment is clearly identifiable.

Dear ___________

As part of your application for the role of sales administrator, you are being invited to complete an on line ability test. The reason why we use psychometric assessment is to provide additional information on your suitability for the role that the interview alone is unable to offer.  Specifically, the ability assessment will look at your capacity to interpret and evaluate different types of numerical data under time pressure. This ability has been identified as a key characteristic of those who thrive in the role of sales administrator. We will ensure there is an opportunity for a discussion of how you found the assessments as part of the process.  Overall we see psychometric assessments as complementing the interview and support the decision making process. Accompanying this letter are detailed instructions that outline what is involved in taking the assessment online and how you can practice in advance. In essence, you will need a quiet uninterrupted space for up to forty minutes with secure internet access.  Should you have any special requirements or would like to complete the assessment in a language other than English, please do not hesitate to contact me prior to the assessment. Information compiled from the assessments will treated as confidential and shared only with the decision makers and you. You will have an opportunity to sit with a member of the HR team who will provide you with a copy of the results and discuss their implications. The results will be stored on my hard disk in the office with security protection for a period of six months after which time they will be destroyed. I am asking you to look over the information provided and, if you choose to do so complete the attached consent form and honesty contract.  I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this letter.  If you would like to know more about assessment at this stage, please contact me on 087 243****

Declan Fitzgerald, Enact. 

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