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Flynn on intelligence

Strangers to ourselves- the psychologist- Oct 2006-BPS



Intelligence&Individual Differences_DearyMaltby_ThePsychologist_jan2013

Five Factor Model in Personality Psychology- Psychological Inquiry- 2010

Personality Traits as Human Universals- American Psychologist- May 1997

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Books Available from Amazon

» Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Personality and Individual Differences, [2007], A BPS Blackwell Book, Oxford, UK

» Mike Smith and Pam Smith, Testing People at Work- Competencies in Psychometric Testing, [2005], A BPS Blackwell Book, Oxford, UK

» James Flynn, What is Intelligence?, [2007], Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK

» Goodstein,L. and Prien, E, Using Individual Assessments in the Workplace, [2006], Pfeiffer, San Francisco, USA

» Higgs, M. And Dulewicz, V. Making sense of Emotional Intelligence, [2005], ASE, London, UK

» McCrae, RR, Costa PT; 1997; Personality Trait Structure as a Human Universal; American Psychologist; 52 ; p509-p516

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